Photo from The Whale Hunt by Jonathan Harris 2007.

InteRFACE research combines analysis of the characteristics and predicted changes in the natural environment with the economic and societal characteristics in Alaska and across the Arctic to better understanding how intersecting human and natural systems may influence the challenges communities may face.

Combined environmental and economic stressors affect coastal communities who depend on ice for transportation and subsistence.

Today’s decisions require understanding possible trajectories of the coupled land-ocean-human interface over the coming decades. InteRFACE’s goal is to identify and fill gaps in knowledge and predictive capabilities. These include decisions that include when to harden or move communities, and how marine primary productivity impacts food resources.

Coastal erosion along the Alaska coast. Photo credit B. Jones, U.S. Geological Survey
Coastal villages such as Wainwright shown here, face significant erosion threats. USGS Public Domain.


Amy Lovecraft – UAF

Research Team

Olivia Lee – UAF
Nicholas Parlato – UAF

US Department of Energy

InteRFACE is a multi-institution project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.