Data photos from UAF-SNAP Climate map (top), Shipping lines (left), and Sea Ice Atlas (background).

InteRFACE’s funding from the BER EESSD Data Management Program supports the development and operation of the Arctic Data Collaborative (ARDAC) hosted by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. The Arctic Data Collaborative aims to house the authoritative and definitive versions of Arctic datasets in order to build research capacity and inform decisions that matter to local, state, and federal stakeholders.

­InteRFACE’s data efforts involve the identification, curation, and publishing datasets based on “orphan” or previously unpublished observations. InteRFACE is currently assembling datasets to support watershed hydrological modeling on the North Slope of Alaska, and sea ice datasets from researchers at UAF.

Analog data is being collected and added to the archive.

­ARDAC houses Arctic data sets that can be utilized in their current form for decision-making and project planning. The data management processes applied through ARDAC are focused on broad accessibility. See more on the UAF-SNAP project page for ARDAC.


T Scott Rupp – UAF

Research Team

W Robert Bolton – UAF
Bruce Crevensten – UAF
Nibedita Sinha – UAF
Rawser Spicer – UAF 
Mary Szatkowski – UAF

US Department of Energy

InteRFACE is a multi-institution project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.