Gas Wells. Photo from Gazprom:

InteRFACE research quantifies the coupled feedbacks between global, regional, and local economic and societal drivers with the changing earth system to explore future availability and use of natural resources including oil, gas, water, and marine ecosystems.

Combined environmental and economic stressors on possible future coastal trajectories including oil and gas exploration with particular focus on liquified natural gas (LNG). Other fossil resource infrastructure will also be impacted by a changing climate. The maintenance costs of natural gas and oil pipelines will increase with thawing permafrost, thereby increasing the relative economic competitiveness of transporting Arctic fossil resources via Arctic shipping routes.

Photo credit Lori Murray
Northstar Island northwest of Prudhoe Bay built on an artificial island to protect against damage from the icepack. Photo Credit: © BP p.l.c.


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US Department of Energy

InteRFACE is a multi-institution project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.