Seascape in the Beaufort Sea north of Prudhoe Bay, April 2007. Photo by Andrew Roberts.

InteRFACE is using the DOE flagship Earth System Model the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM). InteRFACE is advancing model capabilities for landfast ice, wave-ice-ocean interactions, and developing new mixing parameterizations for the Arctic to run regionally refined simulations in a fully coupled global model.

The work utilizes the unstructured mesh of the ice-ocean component of E3SM in an Arctic eddy-permitting configuration subject to global climate variability and change, resolving shipping routes and the natural movement of sea ice in coastally-confined spaces.

Improved sea ice modeling is a key focus of InteRFACE. Key model developments include land fast ice and high resolution in Arctic. Ensemble runs to assess internal model variability to support predictability of the Arctic.

Photo by Joel Rowland


RGMA Lead: Luke Van Roekel – LANL
ESMD Lead: Andrew Roberts – LANL

Research Team

Elizabeth Hunke – LANL
Mathew Maltrud – LANL
Filipe Pereira – LANL
Katherine Smith – LANL
Jon Wolfe – LANL
Erin Thomas – LANL

US Department of Energy

InteRFACE is a multi-institution project funded by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science.